The 11th Virginia Regiment was a Continental Army regiment that fought in the American Revolutionary War. After the battle the brigade was dissolved, and perhaps the regiments, too, as we dont see further mention of them. Later it was assigned to General A.P. Both regiments had been depleted by disease and combat losses. The unit was reassigned to the 2nd Virginia Brigade on 22 July 1778, and it was reorganized to nine companies and redesignated as the 7th Virginia Regiment on 12 May 1779. This is a guide to 358 items pertaining to the late Colonial period and the Revolutionary War, ca. 1779, 3rd & 7th Virginia Regiment, Incorrectly believing Simcoe to have the stronger force, the Americans abandoned the position and critical stores, including 2,000 brand new Charleville muskets that were badly needed to equip Virginias defenders against Cornwallis. Legions and . Although varying in size, Campbells Riflemen fought heroically at Cowpens, Guilford, and then joined Waynes Brigade in Virginia under Lafayette and were noted at Spencers Ordinary, Green Spring, and Yorktown. This question is difficult even for professional historians. Ewells Brigade, Longstreets Division, Potomac District, Department of Northern Virginia, division of Brigadier General David R. Jones in Longstreets Command, marker for Kempers Brigade on the Antietam Battlefield, Kempers Brigade, Picketts Division, First Army Corps, Heths Division in the newly-created Third Corps, Picketts Division, 1st Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. 1st Virginia Brigade (William Woodford commanding): Comprised of the following temporarily consolidated regiments: 1st Virginia Continental Regiment: Colonel William Russell. The unit was captured on 12 May 1780 at the Siege of Charleston and subsequently disbanded on 1 January 1781. The 11th Regiment was also known as Morgan's Rifles. . In early 1777, when Morgan was freed from captivity, he was commissioned as a Colonel and assigned command of the 11th Virginia Regiment, and a few months later was also instructed by George Washington to form a Provisional Rifle Corps, men skilled with the use of the long rifle, from his and other nearby regiments. - The Convention Army Guard Regiment - 600-man regiment augmented with additional rotating militia units for the purpose of guarding the British and Hessian troops captured at Saratoga (The Convention army) and encamped at Charlottesville. Entered Valley Forge with 280 assigned, 154 fit for duty. These so-called "detachments" were actually the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd "Virginia Recruit Detachment Battalions". Harrison's Artillery: 5 officers and four guns captured. 13th - the old 13th was renumbered as the new 9th. "The Convention . It lost 6 men killed and 15 wounded. 1778-1779, 11th Virginia Regiment, A total amount of pay is listed for the officer or soldier and a total Buford and the few hundred-plus 5th (formerly the 7th Virginia) and 3rd Virginians who escaped made their way back to Virginia. a^' ^ '5?f. The remaining 6 Virginia regiments, 10th - 15th, were not much better off. Originally intended to be a dispersed guard at various Tidewater ports. 1778-1779, 11th Virginia Regiment, They were recruited to serve intially in the First Virginia Regiment. By this time many Virginia militiamen were battle-hardened veterans of the Continental army and were reliable under fire. - Virginia Militia. The intent may have been that after winning Charleston, the Virginia Line would un-amalgamate and the recruits would be absorbed into the numbered line regiments. The situation wasn't just the effect of casualties, the hardships of campaigning, and the previous two winter encampment logistical nightmares, it was also the effect of a rarely understood and little-known Virginia enlistment law coming into play. Mexican War. Samuel King enlisted December 9, 1776 in Capt Peter Bruin's Company, 11th Virginia Regiment, Commanded successively by Col. Daniel Morgan, and Lt. Col. Fehiger. Charles Porterfield's Company, Col. Febiger's 11th Virginia Regiment. 1776-1779, 7th Virginia Regiment, Enlisted Men of the Union Army * Select the thumbnail image to view larger versions or the linked reproduction number to view fuller information (if available) through the Prints & Photographs Online Catalog. The 11th Regiment was also known as Morgan's Rifles. Wallaces company was drawn away from the main line by the fighting that diverged to the south and east. This regiment was organized from riflemen that marched to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1775, under Daniel Morgan. Entered Valley Forge on December 19, 1777. Once again placed on Continental establishment following Charleston. The 9th was a paper-only unit, having been captured at Germantown. 1778, 5th & 11th Virginia Regiment, 2021 Valley Forge Legacy Muster Roll Project. Continental survivors, or those who missed action at Charleston for various reasons, were generally company-sized formations. The regiment suffered 134 casualties. Authorized by the Second Continental Congress on 16 September 1776, it was organized on 3 February 1777 and consisted of four companies from the Virginia counties of Loudoun, Frederick, Prince William, and Amelia; Captain Daniel Morgan's Independent Rifle Company; and five companies from . With the additional attrition resulting from disease plus death, wounding and capture in combat, with the exception of the 7th Virginia, by mid-summer of 1778 the manpower of original nine Virginia regiments had dwindled to the point that the existing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, regiments were no longer combat effective. *. Gen. William Woodford However, important to our purpose, the Middlebrook board also took the additional step of creating three "recruit detachment battalions". 'field officers' in a sentence. 1st Virginia State Regiment relieved 9th Virginia Regiment. He was discharged 2 Feb 1780 and applied for a pension on 6 Jun 1818 at the age of 62. Colonel John Cropper, Major Thomas Snead, and Major Thomas Massie. How to use 'field officers' in a sentence? 11th Virginia Regiment, 1776 . The Valley Forge Park Alliance maintains the Muster Roll Project and helps to inspire appreciation of and support for Valley Forge National Historical Park. You may want to start by searching for a person's Military Service Records and Pension and Bounty Land records. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The Pennsylvania Militia, 1777-1783. Confederate Regiments & Batteries *Virginia. Colonel Funsten was severely wounded in the foot and Lieutenant Colonel Langhorne was badly wounded. See an An Overview of Records at the National Archives Relating to Military . #1. The regiment was commanded by Major Kirkwood Otey and brought 359 men to the field. 1778, 5th & 11th Virginia Regiment, Lieutenant-colonel itth Virginia, November, 1776; colonel 2d Virginia, September 26, 1777. Gen. J. L. Kemper fell wounded in front of the stone wall. He re-enlisted in Feb 1778, and fought in the Revolutionary war under Captain Thomas Lucas. Congress then used Posey's Battalion as the basis for an expedition under Arthur St. Clair sent to assist Greene in South Carolina and Georgia. MILITARY RECORDS. As described above, only a few 3rd Recruit Battalion men who escaped with the companies of 5th and 3rd Virginians at Waxhaws returned to Virginia. Jacob Turner of the 3d North Carolina Regiment does not contain the text down to this point but instead places it in the general orders for 8 Aug. ("Turner's Orderly Book," description begins "Jacob Turner's [Orderly] Book, 1777 & 1778." The State Records of North Carolina Edited by Walter . From then until the White Plains 1778 consolidation the 9th was a regiment on paper only. Entered Valley Forge with 444 men assigned, 188 fit for duty. A roster of Revolutionary ancestors of the Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution : commemoration of the United . 1776-1778, 14th Virginia Regiment, After Charleston and Waxhaws the three "Recruiting Detachments" ceased to exist. Another estimated 2,300 Virginians were in prisoner status having been captured earlier in the war. Commissioned, 17 July, 1776. Two years later, it was reorganized as a corps of rangers. And: "The company, on a quick advance, placed their shots in seven-inch targets at 250 yards.". Assigned to picket and guard duty at Weir House, General Beauregards headquarters. Organized spring 1777 at Philadelphia, 9 Companies from Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. The old 10th became the new 6th. Detached from the Army of Northern Virginia and assigned to the Department of Richmond. James Mayhew and 3. Included the new 6th and 8th. Previous engagements: unknown. The regiment was commanded by Major Adam Clement. Primarily because most of the unit was captured or killed at the battle of Fort Washington on 16 November 1776, the historical trail of the regiment's "surviving" element has become complex. They didnt have a general, so it was commanded by a South Carolinian, Gen Isaac Huger. It was relieved from the 2nd Virginia Brigade on 4 December 1779 and assigned to the Southern Department. Gamble was one of those who stood firm at Camden and was captured there. Previous Engagements: Trenton-Princeton, Defense of Philadelphia, Philadelphia-Monmouth, Stirlings Division|Muhlenbergs Brigade| 2nd Virginia State Regiment. Extant Confederate strength (morning) reports associated with the Gettysburg campaign are very . 7th Company - Captain James Hook (e) 8th Company - Captain James Neal. In the forenoon formed line in the field east of the woods with right flank near Spanglers Barn. Mastering all the usages of 'field officers' from sentence examples published by news publications. The British shift to the Southern Campaign strategy obviated this purpose. Colonel Garland was promoted to brigadier general. 1st Battalion was commanded by Col Richard Parker, formerly of the 1st Virginia Regiment. Documents; Records; Time-Line; Regiments. 1777-1778, 1st & 10th Virginia Regiment, They formed the "2nd Virginia Brigade", commanded by Gen Charles Scott, which was just one of the Virginia brigades sent south for the defense of Charleston. Undoubtedly there were additional recruits added to form these two units, as their combined strength at Guilford Courthouse is stated as 778. Brigadier General A.P. for the company for that month. The regiment suffered 134 casualties. In 1782 was combined into Dabneys State Legion. Craig S. Moore. The 11th Virginia Regiment was a Continental Army regiment that fought in the American Revolutionary War . [1] Organized June 1777 at Ramapo, New Jersey. He is honored there, in Jackson Co., Ohio, as Revolutionary War soldier. The 13th and 7th were the only numbered Virginia Continental Line regiments near full strength (more on that later). 1778-1779, 5th & 9th Virginia Regiment, Volume 18 - Muster Rolls and Other Records of Service of Maryland Troops in the American Revolution Volume 366 - History and Roster of Maryland Volunteers, War of 1861-6, Volume 2 Volume 367 - History and Roster of Maryland Volunteers, War of 1861-6, Volume 1 Volume 371 - The Maryland Line in the Confederate Army, 1861-1865 See also Ryan Polk, "Holding the Line: The Origin of . Mainly composed of young farmers and tradesmen, the regiment rapidly evolved The old 11th became the new 7th. 1780-1784, A Guide to the United States War Department, Revolutionary War Payrolls1776-1784. Note: Samuel King emigrated from Northern Ireland at age 23 in 1769 Other sources: posting by Helen Flach 10/26/2002. The 8th returned north in 1777 to join the main Continental Army, and suffered unreplaced losses in the campaign of 1777. Entered Valley Forge with 326 men assigned, but only 81 fit for duty. On 10-12 February 1781, with Arnold back in Portsmouth after ravaging up the James River as far as Westhampton, another board of field officers met at Chesterfield Courthouse to once again re-arrange the Virginia Continental Line. Colonel George Gibson; Lt. Left Valley Forge with 203 assigned, 114 fit for duty. 349 sentences with 'field officers'. 2nd - The original 2nd Regiment absorbed the remnants of the old 6th Regiment, which had been decimated by losses at Brandywine and Germantown the previous year. The First Virginia Regiment was authorized by the Virginia Convention of July 17, 1775 as a provincial defense unit composed of six musket and two rifle companies under the command of Patrick Henry. 1776-1778, 14th Virginia Regiment, James Lingan, Second Lieutenant in Col. Rawling's . List of the revolutionary soldiers of Virginia. Morgan was assigned to raise and command the 11th Virginia Regiment, but later in the year, he . did daniel morgan own slaves did daniel morgan own slaves. The effect of the September 1778 White Plains consolidation of the Virginia Continental Line was: 1st - The old 1st Regiment absorbed the few remaining men of the 9th Regiment, which was captured at Germantown (the only 9th Regiment officer not captured at Germantown, Lt Custis Kendall, a relative of Martha Washington by marriage, was consolidated into the 1st and was captured at Charleston). 1778-1779, 9th Virginia Regiment, Wallace fell during the fight, the third son of his family to perish as Continentals. These units were raised as Virginia's internal force, predominantly positioned to counter raiding parties in Tidewater or man frontier outposts in southwest Virginia (including defense of lead and salt mines there), but were forced to join the Continental Line after Virginia's Continental Line became prisoners at Charleston. In reality the board should have consolidated even further, compressing the entire Virginia Line into five substantive regiments. Responding to the 1775 Congressional quota system established to expand and reorganize the Continental Army (to occur 1 Jan 1776), the Virginia legislature passed an enlistment law in December 1775 to meet the quota established by Congress. Samuel King. American Revolutionary War ENGAGEMENTS? 1st and 3rd Continental Dragoons: Lt Col William Washington's cavalry; all but a few escaped Charleston and went on to contribute through the end of the war. The old 15 regiments, almost all at less than half their designed manpower strength, were consolidated into each other to form 11 new regiments. Lafayettes Division | Woodfords Brigade | 11th Virginia Regiment. Kingsland; Dyess; Germany and Memphis; California and Nashville; Arkansas; Hendersonville, Kingsland, and The New Johnny Cash; American; Home; Because Johnny Cash cut . Press Esc to cancel. All of this is discussed in detail below. After Guilford the ad-hoc regiments were dissolved and the various companies joined other formations, including Gaskins and Poseys regiments. 7 Companies from New Jersey and 1 Company from Pennsylvania. The board created the 1st Virginia Battalion and re-designated the troops at 9th Regiment (formerly the 13th) one more time as the new 7th Regiment. The 15th ceased to exist. 1777, Commanded by Capt. You arent alone. 1830 - 1835 in Bedford Co., VA; died 17 Nov 1890 in Body Camp, Bedford Co., VA. She was the daughter of 2. With the reserve infantry attacking his front and Tarletons cavalry attempting to get behind him, Wallace maneuvered his company to a new position to Refuse The Flank, buying enough time for William Washingtons cavalry to drive off Tarleton, and preserving a stellar victory for Gen Daniel Morgan. date between 1777 and 1779. Five officers of the 5th Regiment, formerly the 7th, escaped capture by various means. Captains Robert Mitchell, Thomas Horton, James Ragan and John H. Smith and Lieutenants Washington Elliott and Clarence Haden were wounded. Major Otey was wounded, and Captain Robert Douthat took over command of the regiment. 11th - The old 11th Regiment was renumbered as the new 7th. Authorized by the Second Continental Congress on 16 September 1776, it was organized on 3 February 1777 and consisted of four companies from the Virginia counties of Loudoun, Frederick, Prince William, and Amelia; Captain Daniel Morgan's Independent Rifle Company from Fauquier County; and five companies from the state's portion of the Maryland and Virginia Rifle Regiment. Research our Records The National Archives holds records relating to military service during the Revolutionary War, including both Continental troops and state troops that served as Continental troops. Contribute to chinapedia/wikipedia.en development by creating an account on GitHub. Colonel Garland was wounded. The detachment bought time for the fleeing army, but was overrun and decimated, costing Porterfield his life. About 350 strong, Lt Col Charles Porterfield avoided capture at Charleston by evacuating during the final British bombardment. . The first regiment was to consist of 544 rank and file, with a colonel, lieutenant- colonel, major, 8 captains, 16 lieutenants, and 8 ensigns; and the second of 476 rank and file, with seven companies and corresponding officers. city of laredo utilities click2gov, texas propositions 2021 pros and cons, why did giovanni cheat on astrid,